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Usually I don't do something like this when I'm having a problems with another DA user when they owe me something but seeing how this one has blocked me I figured it was time to say something about it.

So two years ago I order a female naruto custom adopt from xKiwaChii when she was on the account xTiaChii still. I have asked her a few times about the adopt and she told me she was working on it but I have yet to see it. So earlier this month I sent her a note asking once again about it but instead of answering me she blocked me on my new account. Now this doesn't bow over well for me and right now I'm trying to get the 50Blue Points by breerothman I paid for the adopt back. Of course I'm having to use this account to talk to her to get the points back but I also have a friend from here trying to help me out with getting the points back.

:new: So I sent her a note three days ago from this account. View below for what I said.
Screenshot 2017-02-20 at 11.41.01 AM - Edited by AquaWolfIsis

I know she has seen it and she has been on and off all day but has not made any sign of contact with me to resolve this issue. I am currently about to send her another note if I see no activity from her within the next day to try and get this situation resolved. Because at this moment I'm tell everyone out there who is looking for naruto adopts or naruto custom adopts do not go to xKiwaChii . You will not get the adopt you pay for.

Message to :dexkiwchii: ,
If you wish to not have this be taken any farther then I suggest that you give me the points back or deliver the adopt you owe me. I highly prefer that you return the points. If not then I shall keep pushing until we can resolve this issue. :new:


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