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Waiting for replies here and on Tumblr. Don't really got nothing else to do.
          Emily arrived in Cedar a little after dark and checked into a hotel for the night. She couldn't believe that Laxus didn't come home the same day he took a job and it worried her. As soon as the sun was up Emily left the hotel and started to search for Laxus. 
"Laxus! Where are you?!," Emily called out in hopes he would answer,"Laxus! Answer me!".
     Emily eventually came to a cave as it started to rain. As the rain started to pick up and it got darker out Emily started to hear voices coming from deeper in the cave and decided to investigate.
"Tell me where the water dragon slayer is," a man wearing a cloak said.
"Never," a familiar voice said,"I won't let you go near her".
"Laxus," Emily thought from where she was hidden.
"I will find her," the man said as he walked off.
           Emily waited until everyone was gone before coming out of her hiding spot and going to Laxus's side.
"Laxus wake up," Emily said as she messed with his restraints,"Please wake up".
"Huh," Laxus said as he fell into Emily's arms,"Emily,you shouldn't be here".
"I'm not leaving without you," Emily said as she draped his arm over her shoulder.
         Once Emily was able to stand up she started to walk towards the entrance of the cave. Half way to the cave entrance Emily felt a surge of electricity go through her body causing her to collapse and pass out. When Emily woke up she saw that she was chained to a rock with a Dragon on it and noticed that Laxus was no where to be found. Emily struggled to get free and stopped when she heard footsteps coming towards her.
"I told the boy that I would get you," the man in front of her said.
"Who are you? And what do you want from me?," Emily asked trying to hide the fact that she was scared.
"I'm a dragon hunter," the man replied,"They call me Draco".
          Emily recognized the name of the man in front of her because he was known for hunting down Dragon Slayers for their magic. She knew that she had to find a way out but the restraints holding her kept her from using her magic. Out of all the situations she's been in,Emily knew that this was the worse.
"Makarov's grandson thought he could protect you but I always get the dragon that I'm after," Draco said as he touched the wall.
          Emily let out a scream as the machine she was chained to started to take her magic power. She knew that other Dragon Slayers have died because of the dragon hunter and she didn't want to be added to the list of dead Dragon Slayers. As she started to slip in and out of consciousness she could hear something going on in the distance.
"Laxus," Emily thought as she finally passed out completely.
        Emily could hear someone calling her name and trying to get her to wake up. She recognized the voice as Laxus's and was glad that he came to help her. After a while Emily felt something cold and wet touch her forehead causing her to wake up.
"Where am I? What happened?," Emily asked as she tried to move but couldn't.
"Back at the hotel in Cedar," Laxus replied as he sat on the edge of the bed,"I got to you just in time. I thought you were gone".
"You aren't going to lose me that easily," Emily said smiling as she layed her hand on Laxus's hand.
"I hope so," Laxus said,"You should get some more rest. We'll head home in the morning".
          Emily nodded and rolled on to her side to go to sleep. Laxus watched Emily sleep for a while before going to sleep himself. He was extremely worried about Emily because he could tell that her magic power had dropped by at least a third and since it wasn't by normal means she wasn't going to regain it. When morning arrived Emily woke up feeling a little better but was still weak from the loss of her magic power. Emily knew that everyone in the guild would notice the drop in her magic power and would ask her what happened. After Laxus woke up they packed up their stuff and headed home.
Chapter 2: Rescue in Cedar gone wrong
Chapter 2 of Fairy Tail: A Dragon's Heart.

All characters belong to rightful owners
Beyblade Logo by haloheros

More info on the picture I just posted.

Gold eyes and deep scarlet hair now showed Emily's new power as she sat on the highest ledge of the outdoor bey stadium. She felt amazing having let go of her control to gain new power. Her new underground boss was especially pleased. She was ordered to capture the ones who were once her friends and have them give her information. She had followed them to the bey stadium and was waiting for the right moment to make her move.

Fairy Tail Logo Red by Salamander-aywt

Those Dragon Hunters are going to pay for taking my sister. I'll kill them all if I have to. They'll see how scary a Dragon Slayer can be.


Emily Valkov and Brett Walker
Emily: Hi I'm Emily Valkov and I'm a girl who rocks at beyblading. I can beyblade very well thanks to my friends and family who have thought me. I live in Nerima,Tokyo now so I'm closer to my school and most of my friends.I have a dragon claw birthmark on my right arm below my wrist.I have a girl husky named Shasta.My mother Kisa died when I was only 5 years old and I only have my jade necklace as a memory of her.My father Alex is still alive but he isn't home that much anymore so I don't get to see him that often.Before I met back up with my family I was on my own but then I got reunited with him,my older half sister Todo,and younger sister Tara. I recently got reunited with my mother Kisa who I thought was dead so now my family is back together again.
Beyblade Battle Divider by Sabor-X
Brett: Hi I'm Brett Walker. I was adopted into the Valkov family after my parents died and I really like living with my new family. I'm as skilled as my sister when comes to beyblading and very protective of her. So think twice before you mess with my sister.

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