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Blitzkrieg Valkyries Newspaper article by EmilyValkov
Blitzkrieg Valkyries Newspaper article
I'm needing some help adding the words to this. If anyone is willing to help me I'll send you a note with the wording for this.

Base belongs to rightful owner
Newspaper template:…
Bit-Beast: Lynx by EmilyValkov
Bit-Beast: Lynx
Melody's bit-beast Lynx.

Lynx base belongs to rightful owner
Background from Google
OOC: Ok so I got inspiration to do MT Profiles(Main Timeline Profiles) for all of my Beyblade OCs. I'm also going to be doing profiles for roleplays like how I have Emily's current profile up with her relationship with Katou Hiyomura under the relationship part of the profile. I'm going to do another version of Emily's rp/AU profile so it's not the co placated one that's up right now. I'm also doing a Gundam Build Fighters AU profile and when I post that profile I'll post the picture I did for that fandom for Emily. Another thing. I need suggestions for a logo design for Emily's team named Blitzkrieg Valkyries. I figured the named suited her team better than what it use to be since all of the team members are females. If anyone has suggestions for the logo or wants to or is willing to design it for that'd be great and I would be grateful for it. Let me know what you guys think of what I'm doing. 

Oc Profiles Coming:
Emily Valkov
Brett Walker
Roger Strasser
Renee Faolan
Angel Kirea
Jessica Kirea
Melody Inzo
Luca Hiwatari
Aki Faolan
Jessie Faolan
Kira Faolan
Crow Faolan
Kisa Evans-Valkov
Alex Valkov
Cleopatra Corina Evans
Emma Valkov
Alma Evans
Chris Evans
Renier Nightshade
Eureka Nightshade
Erza Silverstorm
Ina Walker
Joey Walker
Yvette Ackerman
Mina Hiyomura
Jake Hiyomura
Dr. Jaden Yuki

I'm also think of making more outfits for Emily and her team when it comes to seasons 1-3 since I don't think keeping one outfit for all three season would be a good idea. Also the kids profiles are going to be based on the rp's i do since that how they came to be. Ina's and Joey's info is going to change some since their mom Diamond died and their mom Salima,who I got from my friend Storm,and it makes more sense to have her involved in their lives. I'll update this journal when I post the profiles for the MT(Main Timeline) and RP timelines. 


Emily Valkov and Brett Walker
Emily: Hi I'm Emily Valkov and I'm a girl who rocks at beyblading. I can beyblade very well thanks to my friends and family who have thought me. I live in Nerima,Tokyo now so I'm closer to my school and most of my friends.I have a dragon claw birthmark on my right arm below my wrist.I have a girl husky named Shasta.My mother Kisa died when I was only 5 years old and I only have my jade necklace as a memory of her.My father Alex is still alive but he isn't home that much anymore so I don't get to see him that often.Before I met back up with my family I was on my own but then I got reunited with him,my older half sister Todo,and younger sister Tara. I recently got reunited with my mother Kisa who I thought was dead so now my family is back together again.
Beyblade Battle Divider by Sabor-X
Brett: Hi I'm Brett Walker. I was adopted into the Valkov family after my parents died and I really like living with my new family. I'm as skilled as my sister when comes to beyblading and very protective of her. So think twice before you mess with my sister.

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